Surimi products originate from Japan. The surimi production is based on an ancient method of fish meat conservation, just as smoking or drying in other parts of the world.

During surimi production the fish protein is being washed intensely to isolate them and mix them with other ingredients to create a surimi base. This surimi base is used to make a number of nice products for various applications.

Some of these products are snacking products like the surimi sticks who taste just great with a dip sauce. Sometimes the surimi base is moulded and battered so the final product can be fried.
Chunks on the other hand are ideal for the production of mayonnaise based salads. Experience and craftmanship are key factors here. The chunks need to have exactly the right texture to be suitable for salad production.
For a southern salad with olive oil surimi shrimps are ideal. They look great and with their fix weight by piece they are ideal for the cost calculation.

Surimi items are also frequently used to make sushi.

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