Hottlet Frozen Foods offers a wide range of frozen shrimps with the EPIC label. Off course there’s a key role for the popular aquaculture species like Black Tiger or Vannamei shrimps. But you’ll also find seacatch shrimps like the Argentinian coldwater shrimps or tropical shrimps from Senegal.

Many species, but also many product variations. From head on to shrimp tails, raw or cooked products. We also offer preparation like battered shrimps.

Hottlet Frozen Foods has been working on the shrimp market for decades, which gives us access to the best producers and regions in the world. The seasonal fluctuations that mark the shrimp market has no secrets for us. We proud ourselves to offer you a fresh frozen product at top quality, with the right weight and sizes.

As the range is huge and it can be hard to compare prices, we’re more than happy to advise you on the most suitable product for your needs.

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