Cephalopods products are not so well known but are essential in the mediterranian and asian cuisine. There are many good reasons for this prominent role : they’re a source of protein, low on fat and if prepared well absolutely delicious. If you have ever tried squid or octopus in a typical Spanish restaurant, I’m sure you’ll agree.

Hottlet Frozen Foods aims to offer a complete package of squid products. This includes basic products like whole squid and tubes, but also products with a higher convenience level like battered squid rings or wonderful rabas.

We also have products for salads : squid tapas for example are ready to be used after defrosting and extremely easy for southern salads. The taste is refreshing and matches perfectly with other southern ingredients.

The barbecue – squid combination is also a success. The appealing image of the Provencale skewer makes you fantasize of exotic places and enjoy a healthy, tasty product.

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